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You know what I hate? When there’s this female character who doesn’t wear traditionally feminine clothing for any reason: she could prefer a more masculine or androgynous aesthetic, she could work at a job that demands a uniform that’s more safety-minded than fashion-minded, she could not really pay attention to what she wears. At some point in the story, a friend of hers then helps her dress fancy (read:feminine) for a special occasion, and she is happy in her new clothes. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Nothing wrong until she says or thinks the words, “I feel like an actual woman now.”

Right. Because being a woman is completely dependent on the clothes you wear, and because you have to be feminine to be a woman, and also because there’s really only one way to be a real woman and all the others are fakers.

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Tumblr URL: johnwhtson
Age: 16
Language: English
Original Stories: Y
Fanfiction: Y
Fandoms: Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Orange is the new Black, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings
Preference: Any
Refused Content: Any self-stemmed racism or homophobic ideals. (i.e. Any opinions that are conveyed from the writer themselves to the character)
Strengths: Brit-picking, grammar, structure, flow, characterization
Weaknesses: Plot (occasionally)
Previous stories written (if any): N/A
Previous stories beta’d (if any): The top two on my Ao3 page
Anything else you want to say? Well, I’m pretty relaxed and thoughtful in my correcting/suggestions so you don’t need to worry about me being hard on you or anything. My email is if that is easier for you and using Google Drive is always a plus for me

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Tumblr URL: courtingkaleidoscopes
Fandom: X-Men (Takes place between First Class and into the start of Days of Future Past)
Language: English
Genre: Fix-It, H/C
Pairing: Erik/Charles
Rating: MA (or R)
Warnings: Violence, Self-Harm, 
Completed: N
Current length: 2.5k 
Predicted end length40-50k. I have a massive plot and a massive desire to see this through, no worries. Don’t want to spoil too much in the description.
Bio: Erik sends Charles a mutant with the ability to heal his spine. Then, he sends a physical therapist. Also, some painkillers. Also, a helmet. 
What you wish the beta reader to help you with: Making sure what I’m writing makes sense on a small and large scale: Do certain scenes or lines convey what I intend? Does what you think is going on with the plot match what I want you to think? Grammar and proofreading along the way would be nice as well.

evilboner said:
I'm writing something where character A cheats on character B only because character A didn't want to put a label in their relationship and wants them to see what it means and character B doesn't act surprised but they feel bad and the fact is that i want them to have a verbal fight but i don't know how to get to that point, i don't even know how to do conversations and i already checked your tags and there's nothing!! do you have any tips?


I… can’t help imagining this question asked in a single sentence. Breathe, breathe! Here are some links that may help:

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Tumblr URL: homosexualiens
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe (specifically Thor)
Language: English
Genre: Romance, Angst
Pairings: Thor / Loki and briefly mentioned Clint / Natasha
Rating: M+
Warnings: Male pregnancy
Completed: No
Current length: 3000 words
Predicted end length: 10,000+ words
BioThor and Loki are raised together as brothers in Asguard. One night, Loki goes into heat and seeks out Thor. During their night together, they unknowingly conceive a child. The events of the movie Thor play out, altered to fit with Loki being pregnant. 
What you wish the beta reader to help you with: Characterization (specifically getting inside Loki’s head), making the sex scenes more realistic, checking for overall flow and grammatical / spelling errors. Someone I can bounce ideas off of.

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Anonymous said:
Do I have to sign up here to be a beta reader or can I find some of the story submissions here and contact the writer and let them know I'll beta for them?

You can do that, but it might be best to sign up too, just in case they’d rather converse via tumblr!

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Note that I do see these plots in non-cheesy books where the main plot deals with romance. It just seems like when the main plot is about punching dragons, the romance always follows the same path. Please just leave out the romantic subplot if you’re going to write more heterosexual wish fulfillment to go with your dragon punching.

  • The protagonist getting with several people throughout the course of the book and still not finding “the one” by the end
  • Polyamory
  • Non-straight relationships
  • Relationships that are still building by the end of the story
  • Friends with benefits
  • Romantic asexuality
  • On-again off-again relationships (that repeat the on/off cycle more than once)
  • Relationships for political purposes
  • Relationships that still have large flaws by the end of the story
  • Crushes that stay crushes (and not because the crush-ee turns out to be evil)

Feel free to add your own.

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Tumblr URL: hatiel
Age: 19
Languages: Russian, English
Original Stories: No
Fanfiction: Yes
Fandoms: Supernatural; Teen Wolf; Friends; Sherlock; Marvel.
Preference: Romance; Humor; Angst; Fantasy; Sci-Fi; Shorter Fics (<20k words)
Refused Content: Poetry; Song-based
Strengths: Research; Grammar; Sentence Structure; Overall Flow
Weaknesses: May take a long time to beta due to busy schedule
Previous stories written (if any): In english, in russian
Previous stories beta’d (if any): no
Anything else you want to say? To use and recieve files I use mail, contact me here so I can give my adress to you.

Also I use AO3, so you can contact me there.

I noticed there are no russian betas for some reason, so I offer my help. It doesn’t matter if it’s a whole fic or just two lines, I will be happy to help.

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Tumblr URL: junoh7
Original Fiction
Language: English
Genre: Sci fi / Romance / Adventure 
Pairings: Several pairings
RatingMA for strong language, violence, and adult themes in general.
Warnings: Alcoholism, graphic violence, attempted suicide, bullying, gore, major character death, mentions of cancer.   
Completed: N
Current length: 67k+ / 6 Chapters so far (it is quite lengthy)
Predicted end length12 or 13 chapters
BioAfter being expelled from the Elite Air Force Academy, legendary pilot Daniel Walsh’s life falls apart and he finds solace at the bottom of a bottle. This is a story of redemption and hope when Earth is destroyed and a lone passenger ship remains. Daniel uncovers that he is a part of a much larger plan and he might just be the key to saving them all.
What you wish the beta reader to help you with: Any grammar mistakes that I may have missed, story continuity, subplots that may need to be thrown out, also assistance with world building. 

I'm a brazilian ficwriter and beta reader, but so far I've only worked with Portuguese. I've never written fics in English, but I'd like to start now. The problem is that my English isn't really good, and my vocabulary is simple. Can I get help here?

Sure, most beta readers are willing to help those who are new to writing in a language. If you let them know then they should be more patient with any grammatical mistakes you may make :)


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